Am I Other People?

I now have a keitai, a cell phone, that kicks your keitai's ass. The nifty and oh-so-bleeding edge J-Phone J-SH53 is mine, all mine. The main selling point for me, besides getting rid of my nasty old-model TuKa phone, which was already pushing around a walker when I got it for free in my first week here, was the uber-spiffarific one megapixel camera. Now that I have a phone that is more of a true communication device - I think it may have the ability to play mp3's, but I have to look into that - instead of a yet another way for somebody to yell at me, I've begun perusing ways to update this site from the phone. Kevin's Moblogging for Other People, Too and Kurt's Mo-bar Tutorial are what I'm reading; other suggestions are of course appreciated. This is a tres-uber-culo-bleeding edge pupster. Updating a web site, from a cell phone. Wow. The Internet moves in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform...


3 Responses to “Am I Other People?”

  1. Marco on

    Hi Seth,

    I came across your site trough Jeff’s Very nice, you update almost every day and were the first (and only one?) to write anything about the BLOGGERS party.

    I guess you have another regular visitor from now on :-)

    Ganbatte, Marco

  2. seth on

    Thanks Marco. After a quick scan of the Sushicam site, I’m not sure I’m the Seth you’re looking for, but thanks for compliments anyway.

  3. Marco on


    sorry about the mix up ;-)

    Nontheles great job on this site. I will be back regularly.


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