“Why doesn’t Kenny stay dead?” and other pressing concerns answerable only in Enlgish

I'm not sure why, but for some reason my students keep bringing up South Park. Earlier last week I was talking with one student about favorite comedies. I named South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut as one of mine, and she pulls the DVD out of her bag. Today, in another random South Parking, I had the pleasure of explaining who Mrs. Choksondik is and just why her name is funny. Like all things American, SP gets exported to Japan. I suppose it's kind of like learning about Gundam and Robotech back in the 80's. Unlike the amazing anime that the U.S. gets from Japan, we send over group of foul-mouthed kids who inspire questions from my students that could get me neck-deep in horseshit if I answer truthfully. So of course I answer truthfully. Even when the student asks, "What does 'chokes on dick' mean?" Who wants to lie to a student? Corrupting the education process can be a terrible thing, but damn is it fun. And, it makes for conversation that doesn't put me to sleep. I can't wait until I start getting questions about Futurama or Invader Zim. Hoo boy....


3 Responses to ““Why doesn’t Kenny stay dead?” and other pressing concerns answerable only in Enlgish”

  1. Eric on

    We are the martians, the butt-ugly martians…

  2. the snork maiden on

    It’s fun to use learning for evil!

  3. Alec on

    I have every episode of Zim on my PC and have started doing Gir impressions at work.

    Running down the hall in the office while screaming Weeeeeeeehoooooooooo Tacos!!!! will get you some od looks.

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