stupid, stupid blog creatures

The month of June is a time for flowers and love to bloom. For vacations to be planned and dead meat products to be set afire. (If you learn anything from Invader Zim, it's that America is meat. Mmm meat.) For hot weather and cold beer. And, at least according to my kindly web host, for Denial of Service attacks. For those who don't know what a DoS attack is, imagine your server's web connection is a sewer line. Then imagine some idiot has decided to send his personally-trained army of midget salesmen to block your sewer pipes. This asshole has a whole shitload of midget salesmen, and suddenly you've got crap all over your floor. Which is the only reason I can figure out to explain why some posts have appeared right as rain, and others have vanished into the ether. Hopefully those aspiring teen hackers probably the cause of these problems have found someone less popular than themselves in their neighborhood to torture, and can leave my poor web host alone to do its hosting thing.


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    stupid chili dog…

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