A lonely Jew

It's not easy right now to be an American Jew and politically active, or at least politically aware. On the one hand, you've got morally and ethically complacent twits from the left assuming that Jews have subverted the administration of the Insane Chimp, and that we're the only reason America has become involved in the campaign against Iraq. The other five fingers are holding up a steaming ball of political poo, as well. How do we reconcile our liberal/progressive past with the fact that Israel's leader is a socially and fiscally conservative war mongering politician, in the worst sense of the word? Only now, when faced with Israel's political destruction in the U.N., does he consider ever-so-slightly the concept that maybe, just maybe, some of the West Bank settlements aren't worth fighting for. How do you balance, the modern left-leaning American Jew asks, the survival of Israel and the eradication of anti-Semitism with the generally anti-war stance we have taken since Vietnam? The answer I think lies in the importance of refusing to be pigeon-holed - as a people, and as individuals. Dubya claims his policy has been pro-Israel, but it seems to me he's been ignoring the whole Middle East situation rather than a staunch supporter of Israel. He has less interest in the survival of Israel than he does in winning over the "Jewish" vote. As we used to say in elementary school, what a renob. What I'd like to see in the States is a large group of granola-eating, tree-hugging politically savvy Jews from sextagenarian Diane Feinstein down to my teenage sister and her pre-pubescent cousins holding up signs saying, "Anti-War and Pro-Israel." I also like to visualize world peace in my spare time. Sigh.


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  1. AR on


    Well, all that is very nice, and I would be happy to give you my in depth exegesis of today’s political situation. But,

    (as a non-Republican Jewish American who cannot stand the thought of the socially troglodytic Republican party)

    the short version is,

    Nuke Iraq, the sooner the better,
    and save a few for the French and Germans.

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