Is anybody out there?

Warning: This post contains geek-stuff. So I think I've fixed the stylesheet problems between IE 6 and Mozilla 1.1. If anybody is bored and cares to test these and other browsers, you'd be doing me a favor. Yessssss...


3 Responses to “Is anybody out there?”

  1. Ruben on

    Can this be a coincidence? Big in Japan is on my Winamp while I surf to and see this site almost on top…

  2. seth on

    I think you’re the first person to get (or at least comment on) the Waits reference. Interesting blog you’ve got there, by the way.

  3. Kurt on

    seth, a few days late but I’m sorry to report that on Mozilla 1.1 (windows), your nav bar still scrolls off the screen to the right. on my display, gallery is right at the edge of the screen, and the rest is unviewable (other voices/email) (i use a 1024×768 display). On a positive note, your search widget is not obscured anymore.

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