The Connection

I should be getting ADSL at home in the next few weeks, meaning no more twiddling away my time at a 'Net cafe. But until NTT, the Japanese phone company, and Yahoo! Broadband get their acts together, I'm using a 'Net cafe in the trendy Harajuku area, an easy bike ride or walk from Hiroo. Unremarkable, yes, except that it's utterly, completely, without a scintilla of doubt or even a hidden services fee, FREE. No having to flirt (yeah, yeah, twist my arm) with the cute woman behind the counter to get a discount, no running around sneaking 100 yen off coupons out of magazines. The only problem is that it's upstairs from a Starbucks. Oh, the horror.


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  1. Dad on

    Fluffy is not a cat, and would be insulted at the thought. More often, Fluffy is a dog, eg, Fluffy the three-headed dog who guards the trapdoor leading to the Sorcerer’s Stone in the Harry Potter tales…(clearly modeled after Cerebrus, who, at least, had a lizard tail.) Fluffy was also the knitted toy dog which your great grandmother knitted for Adam and me, which was passed down to you and your siblings. I think you ate it. Fluffy is also a girl-band.


  2. seth on

    This is my Dad, folks. He’s provided us all with an amusing little trip down memory lane, but whose memories and which lane – I can’t really say. I have no idea what he’s talking about, although it does give us all a far less offensive way of thinking about the phrase “pillow-biter.”

  3. seth on

    Ah, now what we have here is a failure to communicate.

    See, my Dad’s responding to a reply down below in an entry called “Ovens are for the weak.” Read that first, then this, and ignore my confusion, and all will be well.

  4. Mari on

    Hello, Andy! (^-^)

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