A funny thing happened on the way to Tokyowood

So I saw my first movie in Japan last night. "Harry Potter and Chamberpot of Secrets," or some such. As a movie, it was okay. A better film than the previous one, although the book is not as good the story that preceeded it. But you're not here for a movie review, are you? (In case you care, there are movie spoilers below. But come, it's Harry Potter. It 's not like I'm telling you who is Kaiser Szosze.) Perhaps the most surreal experience I've had here so far occurred last night when there was a funny moment on screen. One of the actors delivered, much like a parcel post, a joke about Japanese dolphins. But it was kinda cute, so I chuckled. Except for my gaijin friend, nobody else laughed. So we laughed harder, and louder. This decent-sized theater was about 3/4 full, and two people were laughing. Okay, I thought. Maybe the line about Japanese dolphins didn't translate well. But my roommate had warned me that the Japanese just don't laugh in movie theaters, and sure enough, the next mildly funny moment was turned into a chucklefest because nobody but the gaijin reacted. The only time I heard a peep out of the crowd was when the women - adult women, mind you - started whimpering during the spider scene. It was just... bizarre. And nobody laughed... The rest of the filmic experience was a little better and a little worse than seeing a flick in the States. Tickets were more expensive, but could've been worse. The late show gets 300 - 500 yen off, only paid 1500 yen. (That's around $12.) But the popcorn was not the pre-buttered, soft-and-squishy stale crap you get back home. It was fresh, and hot and crunchy, and I got more for less than it would cost in the U.S. On the whole, a good experience.


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  1. Steve-o on

    Maybe I’ve lost it, but… I don’t remember any dolphin jokes in this movie. Did they show it
    in English with Japanese subtitles?

  2. seth on

    It was a “joke” per se, it was Harry’s uncle saying something to the effect of, “that little bratling ruined the punchline to my Japanese dolphin joke,” which I suppose is only funny if you’re Japan at the time, and nobody laughs.

    Hoo boy…

  3. Eric on

    When Seth says “dolphin” he actually means “golfer.”

  4. seth on


    I swear on my mother’s cotton socks, the line was “Japanese dolphin”!

    That’s what I get for sitting next to the speakers. Why did I do that? Because in Japanese movie theaters, or at least the one I went to, when you buy a ticket it comes with an assigned seat.

    It was in English with Japanese subtitles.

  5. jonibeth on

    tsa I’m in canada where are you people from
    and dolphin’s are my favorite so don’t diss!
    OF joni

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