A little bit of Peru in Ageo

Before we begin, if you haven't read the previous post, please scroll down a bit and take a look. Quickly now, it's short and will enhance your understanding of this one. Done? Good. So, guess who taught the Peruvian gentleman his first Nova class? It was, quite possibly, the easiest low-level class I've ever taught in my brief time at Nova. A qualified speech therapist would be able to answer this far better than I, but I think if you grow up speaking the sounds - or similar ones - you hear in English, as you do in Spanish, then it's much easier to learn another language that uses those sounds. Or maybe I'm full of shit and there are magic little elves that help you speak certain languages and make it a bitch and a half to speak others. Whatever the case, Mr. Maruthin (as the Nova staff calls Martin, the poor man) should be a quick study in English. Now if we could only find someone to help his Japanese...


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  1. Eric on

    He’s probably also heard A LOT of American/British music and seen A LOT of American TV and movies…

  2. Jason Cha on

    Hey Seth,

    So, why does Maruthin-san want to study English?


  3. Marina on

    But how did he know to come to Nova if he canot read Japanese or English? I mean, do you have ads in Spanish all over Tokyo?

  4. Eric on

    Um… I expect he came to Nova because in Peru they had ads in Spanish…

  5. seth on

    What a bunch of weisenheimers…

    Not that I’d say anything different, mind you. Anyway, Maruthin-san has been in Japan for somewhere between six months and a year – I forget how long, exactly. He wants to learn English because, I suppose, more cooking jobs are available if you’re bilingual. He’s a hard working man – works in a factory, goes to some culinary academy and takes English and Japanese at the same time.

    I have nothing but respect for his motivation – he certainly seems to be acclimating himself well.

    Also, keep in mind that there is a lot of cultural exchange between several South American countries, notably Brazil, and Japan.

  6. AR on

    Was he president of a country?

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