Communication Breakdown

So, Nova - that's the "Intercultural Exchange" company I teach English for; stay with me, folks - teaches not only English, but also Spanish, French and German at it's larger schools. Ageo is not one of these. But the other day, a prospective student showed up. He's a Peruvian chef who has moved to Japan. He speaks Spanish. He does not speak English. He does not speak Japanese. There are two instructors at Ageo who have spent time living in California, me and one other, and that's as close as we got to finding someone capable of explaining in Spanish how Nova works. But the staff begged and pleaded with me, so I tried. I got as far as "Soy..." and then my three semesters of college Spanish went out of my head. Sigh. Not a good day to be speaking Spanish in the boonies near Tokyo.


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  1. Eric on

    Well, he’s a Peruvian chef in Asia, so I guess Soy connects all of those things.

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