Gee, what’s it like working for Nova?

Funny you should ask. The short version is, I make a nice pile of cash-money for teaching English in English. Yes, I've finally found what I'm sure my parents think is my dream job. I get paid to talk. It's a little bit more involved than that, but not really. It's more facilitating talking amongst people who don't much experience speaking with a native English speaker than anything else, but a high school student could do this. The schedule is easy enough. Saturday and Sunday I have a 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. shift, I get Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, and the other three days I work 1:20 to 9. Classes are 40 minutes in the mornings, 45 in the afternoon and 40 again in the evening, with five minutes prep time and five minutes ''grading'' at the end. There's a ''Voice'' class where students can go and spend all day, if they want, talking in a less structured environment than the classes. Overtime is easy to come by - I simply call the main office the day before, and if they have anything for me they call be back the following morning. I worked my first day of overtime yesterday. Once I got to the school it was fine - it's actually a convenient system. Nova schools everywhere have the same filing methods, same lesson plans, etc. So it's easy to a take a teacher from one school and plop him into a school elsewhere. Of course, finding the damn place was a bitch and a half... Right. What else? You want a sick day? Call in that morning. Want to reduce your schedule? No problem. Want to move offices? Easy enough. The Nova support system is very convenient and helpful. The only real stress in the job is dealing with students who don't want to speak. If it were a public school, or a place they were being forced to go to, I would understand. Some of the high schoolers I teach are extremely reluctant to open their mouths because their parents are forcing them to come. But many of the adults have severe shyness issues, and it doesn't make any sense. Why throw money at something that you don't want to do? They're just wasting their time, and more importantly, mine. But some of the students are great, and really seem to enjoy coming in and talking. Some are preparing for trips abroad, and for others, Nova is their hobby. (For a couple of them, it's their only hobby. Sketchy, no?) The real challenge with this job isn't the work, it's the country. Learning a new language, customs and culture all at the same time makes work a haven, at times, from the craziness and the fucking unbelievable number of people here and the neon. Speaking of work, off I go.


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    I am thinking of doing this in Shanghai.

  2. seth on

    Through which program/school? All the Chinese programs I found charged exorbitant application fees…

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