the burb life

The town I live in is a little collection of concrete boxes and unimaginative architecture called Ageo. Soft 'a', hard 'g', long 'e', and an 'o' tacked onto the end of it. It's got some nice gaijin living in it, and I've got a big apartment, for the Tokyo area. Other than that it's fairly unremarkable, and probably worth moving out of at the first possible moment. What can I say, I'm a city kid. Give me the urban jungle, or stick me far away from everything (preferably far away from other people), but the 'burbs drive me fucking apeshit. But last night wasn't bad. Went to my first party in Japan, a Halloween party. Because, in Japan, space is limited and noise is frowned upon, parties are often held at an izakaya - a local bar. There were about 30 people at this bar, located somewhere probably still in Ageo but really between Ageo and someplace that, well, wasn't Ageo. Six of them dressed up. Now, Halloween has been my fave holiday for a long, long time. When only six people dress up, it's downright sad. Two Aussies, the bar owner, a waitress/cook, a guy from New Jersey and me. Fortunately, 3000 yen - about $25 - got me all I could eat and drink, and a good time was had by all. Photos, of course, will be forthcoming.


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  1. jahusc on

    if you are going to have a party again, there is a suitable place in Ageo: Palachinta Cafe near Maruyama koen. There is no noise level limit, there is enough room for 12-15 people. tel: 048-677-6424

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