For those who know Janna

From Brandeis, I ran into her today at the Folsom St. Fair, which is essentially a bunch of leather boys and girls getting trashed in the middle of the street and whipping each other, with some food booths and safe-sex kiosks thrown in for good measure. Katie and I caught the last few songs of a cool Celtic rock band, Tempest, who had nothing really to do with the fetishists playing around nearby (although their bassist was running around in what looked to be rubber underwear.) But they played good music, and you can't go wrong with a hot chick on an electric violin. Not literally on it, wiseguy. Sheesh.


2 Responses to “For those who know Janna”

  1. Brock on

    Janna Weinstein? This is in SanFran, right? Damn, her tastes have changed…

  2. Janna on

    just for the record (a year later)
    in San Francisco, dressing up for fun once a year is not such a crazy concept…

    and no, i’ve not changed THAT much :)

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