Coney Island Storm (20081219)

[caption id="attachment_538" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Coney Island boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY. Seth Rosenblatt (c) 2008."]Coney Island boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY. Seth Rosenblatt (c) 2008.[/caption] It's entirely possible that I have visited Coney Island before. It's not like the place is as remote or as less-visited as Antarctica, evil machinations of property developers aside. If I have been there before this past Friday, though, I don't remember. It was a proper excursion. There were no other tourists, although I did come across about five other photographers. The occasional jogger (with a soft "j", according to Will Ferrell) attempted suicide by trotting past. The FMA and I wandered the desolate boardwalk and gawked at brightly-painted signage, not really protected in the slightest by our umbrellas as we were assaulted by a storm. Temperatures set a record low for the day, or the day following, but the weather is sort of irrelevant when Atlantic gusts are scaring off everybody but the insane and the seabirds.


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  1. Adam on

    Beautiful photo. Your grandparents (Helen/Sol) met on Coney Island Beach in the 30′s. I remember riding the Thunderbolt when I was a kid; also the steeplechase horses which ran around an elevated track outside the building(held onto the horse by a simple seatbelt-a non starter in today’s world!), the gigantic polished wooden slide(with the “whirlpool” at the bottom)
    and the parachute drop. I think all are gone now.

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