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Buy Deltasone No Prescription, Frustration and anger don't begin to describe the strong animosity I feel for my soon-to-be-ex employer Nova. But let's start from the beginning.

For several months, Deltasone paypal, around 15, I've been making it clear to my superiors that I work hard because I enjoy the work, but that I felt due compensation was not forthcoming. I asked for one weekend day off each week, 50mg Deltasone, and to have it consecutive with my second day off per week.

If you're joining us mid-game, Deltasone japan, folks, the largest private English schools always give their teachers two days off a week, but rarely are those days Saturday and Sunday.

So, I asked for a Friday/Saturday combo or a Sunday/Monday combo, and was ignored and eventually passed over because I'm horrendous at brown-nosing my bosses, Buy Deltasone No Prescription. Shocking, 250mg Deltasone, I know. As I signed my third contract with Nova, Deltasone craiglist, I made it very clear that if Nova wanted to keep hard-working teachers such as myself, they should, y'know, perhaps show that they appreciate the work, Deltasone usa.

At a major kids' school like mine, that's a tricky balance of teaching, Deltasone us, keeping the materials organized, balancing teacher needs with the needs of the Japanese sales staff, and dealing with angry parents when we tell them that their three-year-old Kentaro can not run with the scissors.

My raise for the new contract was half of the one I got last year - 5000 yen, 40mg Deltasone. Buy Deltasone No Prescription, Furious, I wrote a letter very politely demanding a higher raise or I'd quit. To my surprise, The Powers That Be agreed with my self-assessment and bumped my raise up to 10, Deltasone mexico, 000 yen. I swear I saw Chicken Little dart in front of me walking home that day.

So, having been awarded a semi-reasonable raise, Deltasone australia, but still being denied the weekend day I so desperately desired, I kept looking for a new job. Deltasone ebay, And I found one.

I submitted my resignation to Nova gleefully, and I hoped my co-workers were jealous. I'd miss my students, and my contract is only until mid-March, but I felt those were acceptable losses I needed to take in order to get out from Nova, Buy Deltasone No Prescription.

Within an hour of turning that 8.5" by 11" "fuck you" to Nova's management, the poop started to fly, 30mg Deltasone. My Japanese manager, who never spoke English, 10mg Deltasone, summoned the courage to use her more-than-adequate English skills and asked me why.

Very politely, and without laughing, I told her I wanted a weekend day, 500mg Deltasone. I figured all the other problems, the bullshit textbooks, 200mg Deltasone, the bullshit paperwork, the social-skill challenged people I was forced to associate with for eight hours a day, all the other crapola would get lost in the translation. Buy Deltasone No Prescription, "Weekend days," I said.

Hours later, Deltasone coupon, I got a call from a middle-management type. He was very polite, Deltasone canada, so I responded in kind. I explained more thoroughly why I wanted to quit. He asked me if I would change my mind if he could arrange for a weekend day off for January. To humor him, I told him I would consider it, Buy Deltasone No Prescription.

Before the end of the night, Deltasone overseas, he called me back and said that starting January 1, I would have Sunday and Monday off, 1000mg Deltasone, if I wanted them. To be honest, I was rather surprised. In all my other dealing with people in his position, 20mg Deltasone, I was told either they "needed more time to study the schedule situation" or flatly "no."

And now, all of a sudden, 750mg Deltasone, because I'm leaving, they decide to acknowledge my efforts by deigning me worthy of my request. To be polite, I told him I needed to think overnight about it, 100mg Deltasone, but by the time I hung up my phone the decision was made: The mutant pink bunny with the duck's beak and the freaky midget outfits was toast. Buy Deltasone No Prescription, That was yesterday.

Something bothered me the whole night and this morning, Deltasone india, and it wasn't the decision to quit. When I finally hung up the phone after declining middle management's "generous offer," I realized what it was. When working for Nova, 150mg Deltasone, they are real, real big on ensuring teacher responsibility and respecting your commitments. Deltasone uk, If you're late even one minute, you get docked an exorbitant amount of pay - even if you're late because the company has been moving you from school to school, sometimes letting you know where you're teaching with less than an hour's notice.

So, they wanted me to violate this new contract I've signed to honor my old one with them, Buy Deltasone No Prescription. Am I the only one who sees how bass ackwards this logic is. If the company gave two wipes of one-ply toilet paper's damn about it's employees, they might keep some around for longer than a year. Because, in general, a teacher with experience is a good teacher. But then, we're not really teaching at Nova, are we.

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  1. David on

    not a post-a request.
    I was directed to your blog in my search for calling out a Japanese company on their lack of honor & keeping committments etc. (your 12/18/04 post came up) As they have ignored all attempts at dialogue in English, I’m searching for the appropriate Japanese terminology to use to get their attention. Can you give me any guidance in this?
    Appreciate it. Enjoy your travels, I look forward to your new postings.

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