Bewitched Over Coffee (20051030)

Ricky's Cafe, Banglamphu, Bangkok. Seth Rosenblatt (c) 2005 Ricky's Cafe, Banglamphu, Bangkok. Seth Rosenblatt (c) 2005 The first photo from my trip comes from what became one of the best places my Financial and Menu Adviser and I discovered to hang out in Bangkok. I don't remember if this photo is from the first time that we stepped foot into Ricky's, by accident when we couldn't find a smoothie stand, but the memory of the place has become as important to my idea of Bangkok as anything else. Ricky's is a respite, a haven of Western breakfasts, some with Thai twists and even some authentic Thai food. It is a gaijin hangout, a place for frustrated farangs to sit back against the teak panelling and spread the broadsheet Bangkok Times wide as a mug of steaming coffee dampens the newsprint from underneath. It's decorated in a 1920s/1930s Shanghai style, and the slightly creepy woman on the poster that is the focus of this photo pretty much sums up the vibe of the place. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to present these photos, except that it will be one at a time and I'll try to maintain some kind of linear order to how they occurred; the first country I visited was Thailand and so this is a photo from those first two weeks. Next up will probably be something from Australia, and so on. I must confess that as I quickly flipped through the photos from the trip, organizing the 4550 of them into folders marked by date and location, that the later ones are of a much higher quality than the earlier ones. Something changed in both the technical and artistic sides of how I shoot, I think towards the end of being in India, that becomes readily apparent by the time I reached China. Similarly, the earlier blog entries were not written the same as the later ones, but with the photos it's a less subtle contrast. I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to leave comments, thoughts and even criticisms. (Although I do reserve the right to banish flamers.)


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  1. la demoiselle snork on

    Darling, it looks fabulous! I am sending the link to my boytoy in Singapore.

  2. grace on

    gorgeous photo of one of my favorite places. ever.

  3. Roel van Roosmalen on

    I like your photo very much and it captures the exact feeling I tried to re-create when I designed the shop.My sister and brother-in-law run Ricky’s now. Ricky is actually my sons name. This is the second Ricky’s I’ve started. I was tired of the Italian variations of coffee shops and have always been facinated by the chinese coffee and tea shops. I therefore tried to get a modern twist to that. I’m glad you enjoy the place.

  4. seth on


    You’re welcome. And thank you for the compliments, and the great coffee shop. Was the first Ricky’s also in Bangkok?

  5. Roel van Roosmalen on

    It was next to the petrol station that is next to the police station at the end of Khao San Rd. It was only open for one year before we had to close it down. For that reason we opened the present Ricky’s.

  6. seth on

    that gas station moonlights as a bar in the evening. kinda weird to be huffing fume remnants while sipping mai tais…

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