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Monday, <b>Discount Flovent</b>, 3:15: Miu, 5, Ayame, 6, and Ayaka, 3, one.

I have a confession to make: I like teaching kids.

They taste like chicken, 20mg Flovent. Flovent canada, That, and in the repetitiveness of teaching English, 150mg Flovent, Flovent japan, I find their energy refreshing. Sometimes with my adult students, Flovent overseas, Flovent coupon, especially the wealthy ones, I feel like shouting at them to just move to an English-speaking country for six months or a year if they're really interested in the language, 200mg Flovent. Flovent uk, Motivating adults is sometimes like asking a quadrapeligic to push Sisyphus' wheel: even if they somehow manage to do it, it winds up being a never-ending battle, 250mg Flovent.

With children, doing things like running around, screaming, whispering, arts and crafts projects, and encouraging teamwork and competition is just more rewarding for me, Discount Flovent. 1000mg Flovent, So when my new schedule change came through, I had to say good-bye to the girls I taught at 3:15 every Monday afternoon, Flovent paypal. Flovent craiglist, They were a pleasure and a privilege, teaching them for about a year, Flovent us, Flovent australia, watching them absorb more and more as they got more used to the classroom routines and games.

Two of them, 10mg Flovent, 500mg Flovent, Ayame and Miu, had the friendliest competition going on - whenever one of them won a race for a flashcard, 40mg Flovent, 750mg Flovent, for example, the winner would go hug the loser, Flovent india. Flovent usa, It was, y'know, Flovent ebay, 30mg Flovent, cute. Discount Flovent, Not as cute as when Miu would bear-hug my leg as I tried to walk across the room, but still adorable.

But as much progress as I made with teaching them ABCs, 50mg Flovent, Flovent mexico, writing and using full (albiet short) sentences, they had the worst time picking up courtesies until Ayaka showed up, 100mg Flovent.

Nearly two years younger than the other two, and still going through horrible crying fits of Stage 1 Separation Anxiety from Mom, she still was able to use "please," "thank you," "you're welcome" and others reguarly. So often, that the Miu and Ayame picked them up from her. Never underestimate the power of example, I guess.

Sometimes, kids can be rotten. And I've seen parents try to verbally convince toddler-aged children that violence is wrong when sometimes a kid just needs to be told that hitting is bad and to sit in the corner and shut up for five minutes. (Not being a parent, I feel completely justified in passing these kind of judgements...)

But the girls I taught on Monday afternoons were smart, well-behaved and had enough energy to light Tokyo for a year. Mondays just aren't going to be as fun as they used to.

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  1. phil on

    coincidentally, crocodile also tastes like chicken. i’ve been taking advantage of my position in the food chain for years now by indulging in the other other other white meat. it mostly pops up in thai and vietnamese restraunts in sydney. anyway, i’ve just been enlightened to the fact that it tastes the way it does due to the fact that crocs in croc farms are fed on chickens as their staple. looking forward to experiencing the subtle difference between crocs fed on children rather than the english tourist norm.

  2. seth on

    so if you raise alligator on human flesh, the taste of the meat should change if you’re feeding it people from different countries.

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