No RX Toradol

No RX Toradol, I've rarely been overjoyed at a conversation I've had with a student.

Chalk it up to a well-honed 20-something cynicism, 750mg Toradol, 20mg Toradol, or maybe boring students. Whatever the reason, 150mg Toradol, Toradol india, I would never categorize my reaction to a student conversation as "overjoyed."

Until now.

I was relating to some students the story of Jack Sprat from a few days back, Toradol overseas, Toradol ebay, the man with the horribly drunk woman-friend, and then asked for their opinion, Toradol japan. Toradol coupon, Presto change-o. Instant class discussion, No RX Toradol.

One of the women in the class began a 20-minute tale of how she's made a name for herself by stopping the gropers that prey on crowded trains, 500mg Toradol. 100mg Toradol, For those unfamiliar with this disgusting little phenomenon, these pervs try to cop feels or worse on the trains that are so tightly packed, Toradol mexico, Toradol australia, there's nothing for the victim to do.

She's filed so many complaints against these scumbags that the police have given her a certificate of their thanks, 40mg Toradol. 200mg Toradol, They know her by name, and she knows how to fill out the complicated report form by heart, 30mg Toradol. No RX Toradol, Overjoyed didn't even come close to describing my reaction to her tale. Toradol uk, The other women in the class were also in awe, asking all the good questions: Weren't you scared, 10mg Toradol. Toradol craiglist, Did they yell at you. How did you react when they got mad, Toradol canada, Toradol usa, or denied it.

With any luck, Toradol us, 50mg Toradol, she's inspired two more women to be assertive on trains, and I'm just a bit less worried about my hosts in this overly shy country, 250mg Toradol. Toradol paypal. 1000mg Toradol.

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7 Responses to “No RX Toradol”

  1. Rastafarout on

    Yawn, yan-a-dee-yawn yawn,

    Still, I suppose you’re one up on me bro! An heart-surgeon for a father!!! OOOOOOOooh!

    Rent a flat and get a job; but you’re you’re doing that I guess..!!!

    A poor man’s Kevin is what I say…..I gotta be honest; I don’t like you…You think that you’re FAR too esoteric for your own good! I’ve only visited Japan 6 times, but I’ve seen more than you will ever do in a LIFEtime….

    Keep making your naive observations, they’re certainly vaild to a point;but you way hate the place….time to move on?

    Hell, I can imagine what it must be like, I’ve seen glimpses, but the forum you chose is too….I dunno….Personal?

    Yeah, that’ll do. I didn’t bother to read further than your latest, but as soon as I hit the last 3 words “Overly-shy country”… I knew it’d be you!!.!

    In comparison to where???!! A San-Fransican who “feels the weight of Jewish New York”.!!!

    Please man! I only hope that you experience a little humility through your “life-experiences”…

    Tell u what: I’ll invite u 2 Europe, u pay ur way on a courier flight and I’ll put u up for a while; 180,000 yen return flight for a week’s stay. Hell. I’d be putting myself to the test putting up with you for so long, but the offer is there…email me if u want 2 take it.

    Challenge u 2 a game of life…..

    No blog myself; no time, check my posts on Bastish. My wife is from Chofu; I’m from central London. You went raving there once….Or aint that cosmo enough for you..?

    Waiting for a reply, or you to delete this comment. Either way, I know u’ve read it..

    Take care either way,


  2. Rastafarout on

    Just 2 clarify, u went raving in Chofu, near tama-gawa. Not central london..>That’s what posting without previewing does to you I suppose!


  3. Eric on


  4. Blog Observer on

    Hey Rastafarout, you great oaf. Learn to spell English.

  5. Rastafarout on

    Yes yes,

    Apologies for being an ass. That’s what booze does for you I guess. Ranted. We are all different, the world takes all sorts. We may not agree, but I shouldn’t've cussed you so hard. You’re in a foreign place along way from home; of course your observations are valid. Your priveleged background is of course irrelevant. Just my jelousy I admit.And yes, I know that you don’t give a fuck either. But for what it be worth, apologies.

    I do withdraw my offer of accomodation however….that’d be too much.

    I’ll go now….

  6. Eric on


  7. seth on

    This comments section is now closed. Further posts here will be deleted.

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