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appi-bw.jpg Discount Elavil, It is cold here in Taidarate, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, on planet Earth. 200mg Elavil, It is damn cold. It is so cold, Elavil paypal, Elavil japan, that I'm going to write use as many words as I can, because even though the heat is turned on in this room, 750mg Elavil, 30mg Elavil, my hands are still a purplish white so the more I write the warmer my hands will get. So please forgive me if I seem to have a bad case of logorrhea today, Elavil australia. Elavil india, The only problem is, there isn't much worth saying, Elavil us. Yesterday I went skiing at Appi, about 30 minutes door-to-door from my friend Susan's apartment here in this backwater hick town that's another 30 minutes from Morioka, the nearest shinkansen station, Discount Elavil. 40mg Elavil, The town is nice to look at, all covered in a cold white blanket of condensed ice water, Elavil mexico. 150mg Elavil, Snow is the great equalizer. No matter how ugly man has made it, 100mg Elavil, Elavil coupon, snow will beautify it, hide its acne and scars and other blemishes and give it a new coat of paint, 1000mg Elavil. Elavil uk, It looks nice now, but I just can't what's really going on under the snow, Elavil craiglist, 250mg Elavil, kind of like a woman who's wearing a lot make-up that's been applied well. Discount Elavil, Is she truly attractive under it all. I guess it's part of the mystery, Elavil overseas, 10mg Elavil, then. Cities and towns are like women, Elavil canada. Elavil ebay, The skiing at Appi was not too shabby. It snowed all day, 50mg Elavil, Elavil usa, but anybody who knows me knows that I'll ski in any conditions, right up until the last centimeter of white gold has melted away, 20mg Elavil. Appi was a good mid-level mountain, kind of like Northstar in Lake Tahoe, Discount Elavil. 500mg Elavil, Nothing particularly challenging or interesting, but some nice, longer runs nevertheless.

The absolute I'm-packing-my-boots-and-leaving part of the day came when I got stuck on the west side of the mountain. For some reason, they close the lifts over there at 3:40, which means that if you're not paying attention - like I wasn't - you get stuck with no way back to the main slopes besides a bus.

The best part of the day was the brief bit of night skiing I did. It was too damn cold, which I may have mentioned earlier, to do more than 30 minutes before my butt started freezing to the chair lift.

But I was back on a mountain, skiing. No matter how bad the conditions are, no matter how little attention I pay to important notices like what time the lifts close and the usefulness of keeping your pants on, skiing is skiing is skiing. Who needs more than that.

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  1. the snork maiden on

    Atrocious grammar day, anyone?

  2. seth on

    jeez. what part of “it was cold” did you not get?

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