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recall ballot 2.jpg No RX Cafergot, The horror, the horror.

I voted yesterday, Cafergot japan. 500mg Cafergot, No on the recall of Governor Davis, Yes on Bustamante in case the recall got approved, 1000mg Cafergot. Cafergot ebay, As if it's not bad enough with Bush occupying the White House, now we've got this steroid-jacked, Cafergot india, Cafergot mexico, Nazi befriending, power-hungry jerk capitalizing on his fame as an entertainer to govern the world's fifth largest economy, 30mg Cafergot. 150mg Cafergot, It's a sad, sad day to be an American abroad, Cafergot usa. 40mg Cafergot, Good thing I'm heading back to Japan now...
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3 Responses to “No RX Cafergot”

  1. james on

    ahk, Bustemante? Sure, vote no on the recall, but then waste your backup on an ineffectual boughtandpaidfor simpering monkey when you had the chance to vote wheelchairbased free speech?
    Gadzooks, man, if you’re going to vote for the gamblers at least vote for someone who wants to tax the gamblers.

    Sigh. Oh, and you misspelled ‘capitlizing”.

    As always, enjoy your commentary. Keep at it, Seth, your blog always makes me chuckle.

  2. mie on

    Good to see you here in SF Seth! That’s actually pretty cool to have posted your ballot. Wish I’d thought of that. I was too upset cuz the tide was overwhelmingly clear already and I couldn’t get the sour feeling out of my mouth. I am still shocked.

    How’s your transition back been? I’m still looking for a commercial realor. I have some potential connections but if they fall through, I may need to take you up on your offer of contacting your folks…I’ll be in touch.

    : )

  3. AR on

    Perhaps you are being a bit harsh on the Grope-inator. Davis was a ward-heeling sleaze (who raised the tax on my auto registration to almost $1000.) Maybe it’s not so bad having a Rockefeller-Republican-cum-Kennedy celebrity glitter, touched with drugs, sex, and repentant Naziism, in a state with no Republican competition. Republican Mayors in New York City haven’t been so bad.

    Now if you want a real election, watch the November SF Mayoral contest…maybe we can rise to new heights of rinky-dink-ism.

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