Ahthur on Ahnuld (20100227)

[caption id="attachment_671" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Director Arthur Seidelman speaks at the Jim Jarrett Studio, San Francisco. Seth Rosenblatt (c) 2010."]Arthur Seidelman[/caption] Arthur Seidelman has been directed more films, plays, and TV shows than you realize. He was also the first person to direct Arnold Schwarzenegger, although he swears he didn't have a hand in casting him. I got to listen to him speak to a small group at the Jim Jarrett studio in San Francisco over the weekend, and he re-iterated that most important of lessons: follow your dream, and work hard at it. Actors need to hear that lesson repeatedly, apparently, given the business-oriented nature of their Mecca, but it's not a bad lesson to keep at the front of your brain, no matter what you feel your calling is. It's even harder to remember during this Great Recession, when food and health become acutely more pressing than art, but perhaps that makes it even more important. However, I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't recount that I asked Mr. Seidelman about Arnold. It was apparently Seidelman's film directorial debut, as well. He said, in a far funnier manner, that the Governator was a charming man. He also reminded us that it was he who was quoted in Newsweek on the Governator's political triumph as having said that Ahnuld was as suited to being governor as Gray Davis was suited to being an action star, but that he and Arnold had remained friendly. It's so good to know that the Governator has friends. And now, back to the dream.